Anchor Point Archery was started in July 2003 by three high school friends.   Dan Cain, Jerid Krueger, and Steve Osero.  The business set up shop at Jerid's house in his detached garage.  The shop was located out in the country and there was little traffic. We had hours Wednesday - Saturday.  This was a good starting point for us.  

In 2005 Anchor Point moved to 103 Power Street in Amery (The site that the McDonald's is on now).  This building was right on Hwy 46 and the traffic by the shop was 100 times (or more) what it was at the old location.  Before long we decided to open the doors on Tuesday as well.  We opened the door that first Tuesday night, never having advertised the change, and we were busy the entire night.  The business doubled every year for a number of years following the move.  Anchor Point had an indoor range of 17 yards and 4 - 5 people could shoot comfortably.  It wasn't ideal but it work for many years. 

In early 2011 the building Anchor Point Archery rented was sold to a developer.  The shop was moved to downtown Amery, two doors north of Hardee's in the old Grandma Bonnie's building.  The move was tough on sales and there was no range to speak off.  But the relocation was only for the short term and we knew the new building was worth waiting for.  

The new shop, located at 107 Power St. has 3 times the show space, and 7 to 10 lanes at a true 20 yards.  The addition of a Technohunt and a Virtual Golf Simulator have help to grow the business.  The new location was open in early August 2011.  A lot of things changed with the move.  The shop used to open at 5pm and now we open at 10am to better serve our customers.  Our current hours are Monday - Friday 10am to 9pm and Saturday hours stayed the same, 9am to 5pm.  We hope to add more hours to Saturday and Sunday soon.

It's been a good ride so far.....we are looking forward to the future. 

Anchor Point Archery            
107 Power St.
Amery WI 54001

(715) 268-5250 
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